Just kidding. This similar-sounding, equally tasty, but far more majestic antelope is one of my favorite mammals. It is the only member of the family Antilocapridae and is endemic to North America. Its distinctive pronghorns are a puzzle for mammalogists: they branch like antlers, but grow throughout the animal’s life like horns. Both male and female antelope have pronghorns, and they shed an outer sheath every year. The pronghorn is also the fastest land animal in North America, and can run up to 55 miles per hour. Its speed poses another question: the pronghorn does need speed to sneak up on unsuspecting grass, so why does it run so fast?  Mammalogists have concluded that the pronghorn antelope once used its speed to outrun now-extinct predators, such as the saber-tooth tiger.

I think this little one looks pretty majestic as he walks off into the bison range to find his next meal.


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