Quadrat sampling

June 23,2016 Cuba Hill road the weather was top notch today, not too warm not to humid a light breeze to keep the horseflies or deer flies away. Today we went out and put down our 1 meter squares and did plant species samples within the area. Lots to learn about what we are doing with the ginger root. Since it is a plant used for various medicinal purposes, we must treat it with great respect by putting down tobacco for all the plants we picked. Today it seems like all the birds in the area were all abuzz with our presence, maybe they are getting used to us being there.

While out there I did notice there was more water in the area, because of the rainfall we received just the day before. Frogs were more abundant than usual, at first we were seeing little black frogs today it was little brown frogs hopping around the ground area. I made sure I did not step on one, frogs need to live too. My aunt used to do beadwork and she would do Loons for my brothers and one time she did a beaded frog, I asked her why would she do a frog. She said that frogs are the eyes of god, whatever happens to frogs will also happen to us, so do not be mean to them.

There are quite a few intelligent people in our group who have wonderful insights and knowledge of other things. I think it is great that we can learn from each other, and it is so nice to be with people who discuss and share ideas and concepts. Instead of the everyday people I work with who only discuss gossip and other people, as we don’t have enough of that in our lives.

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Boozhoo niindinawe maaganidoog my name is Vincent Morris I am from Leech lake Reservation, I am of the Loon clan and also a Pillager. I recently graduated from LLTC with my Associates degree and will be attending BSU this fall for Biology.

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