Plotting up the Forest


Yesterday and today we were collecting date on Namepin. My teammates and I were excited to get this information. Working outside in the morning has to be the best time, it isn’t to hot and it isn’t cold. Perfect weather for a a couple days out in the field! there was a lot of slash while collecting data. The picture where the trees look like they are a tipi, the is a home for the spirit of the forest. Also known as the Saabii (Wild Man/ Aka BigFoot). We found like 3 of these out at the disturbed site. It was a mind blower once we found out what lived here a few years ago.Snapchat-982950480317410802

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I am not a basic person. I love learning and having deep conversations about life and anything that seems cool. I love learning about my ways, even though I am drawn into the modern world. I am shy at first but after awhile I am kind of goofy! I love to laugh!

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