Introducing me!

Boozhoo Anishinaabeg! Kristina Isham Indizhinikaaz, Mukade mukwa indoodem. Asibekoone’ zaaga’iganing nindoojiba, Chi-achaachaabaning Indaa.

Hello everyone! My name is Kristina Isham(I would tell you my Ojibwe name but I learned that you weren’t suppose to tell strangers your name) I am Black Bear Clan. I am from Nett Lake,  Mn but I live in Inger, Mn.

I graduated with my 2 year S.T.E.M degree from LLTC. I am leaning towards the medical field. I want to become a physical therapist, so I can help my people. I grew up in Grand Rapids. It was a cultural shift when I moved to Leech Lake Reservation. I am a pretty chill person, hard worker, and I love to laugh. I am kind of stubborn and shy at some moments.

I hopped onto this internship because it was an opportunity to explore more into the science related area’s. I have had a couple experiences out in the field and I enjoyed that part, but never had a chance to be apart of collecting, analyzing the data!  I am excited to be on this project! I honestly did not know of Wild Ginger Root until I started researching it! Being apart of the group makes me feel connected with my traditions, there are things that I never knew that my ancestors knew. I feel complete when I am learning about my ways.


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About krisham398

I am not a basic person. I love learning and having deep conversations about life and anything that seems cool. I love learning about my ways, even though I am drawn into the modern world. I am shy at first but after awhile I am kind of goofy! I love to laugh!

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