A day at the Bison Range

IMG_3326IMG_3295On Wednesday the 15th of June 2016 our team spent the evening at the Bison Range here on the reservation in Montana. It was a wonderful and awe inspiring experience to see some of the animals up close. When we first went through the gate and to the right next to some trees and a massive Elk with a beautiful rack on its head. On the trip through the park we saw plenty of Bison as well as their calves. At on point we came across a herd of big horned sheep. The mule deer were mostly bedded down for the evening but I got some good pictures of them still. I even got excited and told our driver to stop because I saw something in the trees and bushes. Turned out it was another big Elk, only this time we got a bonus as not far away was a momma and her baby. We did see one lone prong horn walking along and a lone juvenile great horned owl sitting in a tree. Funny thing is we did not see any bunnies hopping about.

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