Hey look, we’re SAFL now!

Yesterday some of Team SPAW went to the Powwow in Arlee to help at SKC’s science booth. We helped run the water table, which is designed to teach children about erosion. Kids built islands, dams, and mountains to be washed away downstream. A lot of levees were broken and a lot of toy houses were undercut. We also found that the kids got pretty territorial over plastic pretty fast, so the exhibit was also an exercise in land rights. Our rig might not be as fancy as the flumes in Minneapolis, but we had a great time and the water kept us cool!

IMG_2666       IMG_2696

(left) Jon at the water table (right) This is Louie. Louie likes to tear down reservoirs, releasing a deluge of water destroying everything else the kids built. The other kids decided to bury Louie’s arms.

IMG_2673       IMG_2650

(left) I decided to build a Zen garden (right) This girl graduated from SKC!

IMG_2645       IMG_2642

(left) Gave them an island (right) Close up of the rig


(above) Travis is a hydrology student at SKC and was in charge of the water table. Two years ago he was mauled by a bear, so he bought has his own toy bear that he brought for the kids to play with.

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