Hello everyone!

Hey there all, today a few of us went out to our main focus research site. It was mostly a hot sweaty, mud filled day, yet we all had fun, and I feel really good about the results I am seeing from my macro invertebrate samples. It can turn into quite a lot of work carrying equipment and walking through sinking mud in waders, but I still feel so lucky to be able to participate in this project and have the opportunity to work all day with a great view of the mountains!

On another note, team SPAW was going to be a part of a Trumpeter Swan round up this Wednesday, at The Montana Waterfowl foundation, which is were we will be collecting Trumpeter Swans (hold them in our arms gently), to be banded and later released into the wild. This event was just recently delayed a week or two, but when it happens we should all have some impressive pictures to share.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully! photo

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