Saturday Shopping

Today I spent time with my friends in the city. This morning we had breakfast. I had some time to work a little bit on my paper. Then we drove to St. Cloud to shop. The mall in St. Cloud is real nice. I opted out of the trip on the research vessel, because I made friends to go to go out their farm in Annadale to see a concert on Sunday. We are going to see Charlie Parr. While I’m here I’m trying to work on our paper to be turned in tomorrow at 11am. Im excited for next week and to see everybody at the all team gathering. Sorry but I’m not going to make it to the picnic on Sunday.

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About dynamicphenomenon

Undergraduate. South Dakota born and raised. I despise the state I am whether it being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I walk around grumpy with an intuition to have a better attitude about life. I chose to do a blog to help me find my way through all the narcissism, lack of friends, and the dying need to change my life for the better.

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