Thursday and a Thursday

I’m secretly hoping that something like this will happen on our trip… —Originally published in “The Mission Called 66: Today in Our National Parks,” National Geographic magazine, July 1966

Since my procrastination (and forgetfulness) got the best of best of me last week, I’ll begin by recapping last Thursday’s happenings:
Our morning started early in a meeting with the Team SPAW’s ecology guru, Pat Hurley. In the hour that we spent with her most of us were able to ask her questions regarding our individual projects and gain a better idea of what our next steps should be in analyzing the collected data. Afterwards, we migrated across the hallway to where the weekly video conference was held and learned a little more about what our Minnesota counterparts were up to in their research. Happily full from the post-conference lunch at Tony’s house, Ashley, Brandon, and I spent the rest of the afternoon working in the lab on the handful of soil sample tests that remained.

Fast forward to this week:
After sleeping in a little, the team convened in room 102 for another weekly conference followed by lunch at Tony’s. Today was largely spent relaxing and packing for our Yellowstone trip this weekend. For a number of us (including myself) it will be the first time visiting this iconic national park. Can’t wait to report back with photos of what we all see!

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