Weeks 5-6 – Team SPAW

We’ve all been doing a lot of individual work recently, and I personally have been spending my time reading, writing, and attempting to analyze the data we’ve gathered on plant communities. Patrick has been working on his GIS habitat modeling, Natasha has been conducting interviews, and Jenna and Ashley are finishing up the soil testing and working on their results.

We’ve had a quiet week gearing up for Yellowstone, so I’ll talk about what we did over the weekend. On Friday, we met with Tony in the morning to go over his edits on our papers so far. In the afternoon, Jenna, Natasha, and I went for a hike with Loga. Lake McDonald is nestled among the Mission Mountains and is a really beautiful spot.

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald

Hiking with Loga!

Hiking with Loga!

We had a relaxing day on Saturday (spent some time at the lake), and then on Sunday we drove down to Missoula at 7 in the morning to watch Natasha finish her half marathon. Serious props. We spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops and then watched the World Cup final in a restaurant. All in all, a fun weekend that rested us up for a week of hard work!

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