I love a ha! moments

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my habitat suitability model for camas and had ran into a roadblock; making sense of the DNRC soils data for GIS.  I finally made a breakthrough today!  I had to go into Microsoft Access and enter in the proper query so Access would build the proper table, and after a few table joins with the soils layer, BAM!  Understandable soils data!  This made my day as I was getting pretty frustrated and worried as to how I would incorporate soils into my model.  Its kind of hard to make a plant habitat model without comprehensive soils data!  Other than that, I have just been working on my research paper.  I hope to have a preliminary model ready for the VC on Thursday.  Natashia has been conducting interviews with elders to identify where camas used to be.  I am looking forward to comparing my model with her results!

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