On Friday Francesca and I got started on our second series of experiments. We got 2 cycles of the experiment done. At 3 P.M. on Friday there was a barbecue at Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory to celebrate the end of the lab renovation. The BBQ was catered by Famous Dave’s. After that I went with Francesca, Cheyenne, and Theresa to the Museum of Science. In the atrium they have a pterodactyl which is very cool. I read Cheyenne’s post and it appears that everyone else did a lot more than I did. I was most interested in the Future Earth exhibit. I did however get to see the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit. Since I got in there about 5 minutes before the museum closed I did walked through the exhibit pretty quickly. After we finished there we went and got dinner at a place called Cossetta’s. I really enjoyed the food from there. The rest of the weekend I wrote my methods section. Today we finished another cycle of the second series of experimentation.

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