Wednesday, July 9, 2014 – Team SPAW

It’s been a productive week so far for Team SPAW. We are making great strides in our writing and for the most part are finishing up with data collection. Ashley, Jenna and I drove down to Missoula with Tony this morning to take advantage of the resources in the University of Montana’s Mansfield Library (go griz!). We also visited the education building to see the OmniGlobe – it projects all kinds of cool stuff, like volcano locations, weather patterns, language prevalence, etc, onto a large globe (see the photo below).

In the afternoon, the team met at Tony’s house to catch the tail end of the World Cup match (Argentina!) and to work together on our paper. Progress is being made! Plans are to continue working in the lab, meeting with mentors, writing, and conducting interviews for the rest of the week.

OmniGlobe showing ocean currents

OmniGlobe showing ocean currents

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