Thursday, Thrill Day


For Team Zaaga’igan, our Thursdays consist of a hands-on group learning activity in the morning, our all-team videoconference after that and then we spend time writing. The learning activities are engaging, laid-back and fun while usually teaching us something about science. This week we learned about using our senses to make observations and hypotheses. Our on-site mentor wrapped 7 2x2x6in boxes with tape and gave our teams 3-5 minutes to write down observations using our senses. Then based on our observations, we wrote down our hypotheses about what was in the boxes. We listened as we shook them, smelled them, even rotated them at different speeds to hear the sounds at different angles. In the end, I hypothesized correctly for 3 of the 7 boxes.

Our afternoons are spent working together on our writing assignment for the week. This week’s writing assignment is our Methods section of our paper. Writing…

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