Week 4 at CivE

Hey there,

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and had a good Fourth of July holiday! We certainly took advantage of our day off and had some adventures. A group of us decided to spend the day at Lake Calhoun. Although the weather wasn’t the best, we still enjoyed ourselves and took a swim. After a long day at the lake, we went to Sebastian Joe’s for some ice cream.

fun in the sun! 7_4_2014

(don’t worry, Francesca doesn’t always look that scary!)

We then went to see fireworks by the Stone Arch Bridge.


At the lab this week, we did some MATLAB and then decided to do an experiment with glass beads. We spent yesterday afternoon dipping beads in glycerin and then washing them off. We want to see if having the beads in glycerin and then washing them changes how they act in our flume. We are currently letting them dry, but hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we will have an answer to our questions!


Next week we should have some graphs and results!


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I am a Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholar at the University of New Hampshire in the Mechanical Engineering Department. My research area is the fate and transport of particulates/containments by turbulence.

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