Civil Engineering Week 3!






Week 3 has ended and we are already in the midst of week 4! Last week we worked a lot with MATLAB to track our particles through the debris flow. We are still working on the analysis and simultaneously taking more data!

coffee at the mall                                                         During the weekend, we made a trip to Mall of America and spent some time wandering around the mall!                                          enjoying the view                                                        Monday evening we were able to attend a lecture by Dr. David Sedlak at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The lecture was on the different types of water systems we’ve had in the past and how we should look to improve them for the future. It was really great to hear someone put all of my classes together in a cohesive lecture!

After the lecture, we went on the the balcony of the museum and were able to see all of the flooding that is currently happening in St. Paul (above).lacCore tour                                                          Today we took a tour of the LacCore labs and were able to see how they analyze core samples!

Hopefully we’ll have some results to show you next week!


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I am a Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholar at the University of New Hampshire in the Mechanical Engineering Department. My research area is the fate and transport of particulates/containments by turbulence.

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