Team Zaagi’gan Friday, June 27, 2014

Today was field trip day for Team Zaagi’gan. Tom Howes from Fond-du-Lac Resource Management and his employees Charlie and Cord took us out to McGregor, MN. Our first stop was at the the Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge near McGregor where we toured the National Fish and Wildlife Service Visitors Center before entering the refuge and visiting the lake itself. After lunch, Tom took us to Big Sandy Lake Flowage outside of McGregor, where we saw river rice just starting to stand up in the water. We also got up close and personal with several animal species including a bald eagle and frogs. On the way back to Forestry Center we stopped for a quick view of Kettle Lake and viewed swans and a huron. Another busy day but it was worth the drive!
ImageRicky looking through a telescope at Rice Lake.

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