Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – Team SPAW

Today some members of the team were up early to accompany elders of the tribe out to Camas Prairie. They were digging camas bulbs for the bake, which is scheduled for sometime next week. The camas will be cooked with tree moss that was gathered at Tony’s cabin in Thompson Falls over the weekend – we got a whole garbage bag full!

In the afternoon, we met Pat Hurley down at the Kickinghorse field site to set up more transects for soil sampling and plant identification. It was hot and sunny and a couple interns got some lovely burns. Afterwards we headed over to Tony’s house to work on our general introduction and site description. There was a lot of editing and reorganizing from our individual drafts but we finally got a nice final product (and paid!).

Team SPAW at the Kickinghorse field site.

Team SPAW at the Kickinghorse field site.

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