On Friday I went to a Minnesota Twins game with Francesca, Cheyenne, and Theresa. We used the light rail to get to Target Field. We arrived during the fourth or fifth inning, I believe. I do not understand baseball very well and when I was asked questions about baseball I had a hard time explaining. When it came to letters that were on the scoreboard I was curious what they meant. When Francesca asked me what the letters meant I was not able to answer her right away because I did not know. I asked Theresa and she searched for the letters’ meanings and let me know. I passed the information on to Francesca. After the Twins beat the Chicago White Sox there was a fireworks show. The fireworks were pretty cool. Another thing that was interesting that is at Target Field is a large neon light sign. On it there are two people shaking hands over the Mississippi River. One of the people is wearing a baseball uniform with Minneapolis written on it. On the other person’s uniform it says St. Paul.

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