June 16, 2014

Gorkha Palace

On Monday the experiment that Francesca and I are working on hit a snag. The snag that we hit was that the filter material that was in the first column that we prepared, which was sand that was about 140 microns in size, was drained from the column. What happened was that as soon as we charged the column with salt solution some of the filter material went into the tubes connected to the column. Initially it was thought that only a little bit of the sand would end up being drained from the column. After about an hour, which was around noon, it was decided that Francesca and I could go and get lunch. We went to find a bank and a place to eat. First we went to get something to eat and we found the place shown in the picture, Gorkha Palace. Gorkha Palace is the place where I tried food from the Himalayan region. It was some of the best tasting food I have ever tried. After we were done we found the bank without any issue. After we were done at the bank we returned to the laboratory. When we got back we found that all of the sand had drained from the column with the salt water.

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