Week 2 for TEAM SPAW


It has been a great week for TEAM SPAW here in Montana.  We’ve had a lot of rain at the beginning of the week but the sun is finally shining.  We’ve been able to visit all of our study sites on the Flathead Reservation while getting in a little site seeing as well.  Survey training was fun, although very wet!  Wednesday was Natasha’s birthday and we had a nice little gathering at Tony’s house with a great dinner and ice cream cake.  Thursday was a great video conference, and I really look forward to learning more about the other REU intern’s projects.  Thursday we had our first nice day in a while, and spent the afternoon hiking up North Crow canyon west of Pablo, Montana.  I have really enjoyed showing off the various beautiful areas on the reservation to my fellow TEAM SPAW members.  The picture above shows TEAM SPAW as well as other students involved in the project.  The redish color on the rocks behind us are indian painted rocks near the Flathead River on the way to one of our study sites in Camas Prairie, Montana.  I really look forward to getting caught up on research over the weekend and am ready to hit next week running!

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