A Lovely Day for a Hike: Team SPAW 6/19/14


After days and days of rainy weather and overcast skies, the clouds finally broke apart to reveal blue, sunny skies as we began our second Thursday of the program. The weekly conference with our Minnesota counterparts went well and we all had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the other research projects being conducted this summer.

Once we were done, we headed over to Tony’s house for lunch (consisting of a delectable homemade fish chowder and rolls) and conversed as a group for an hour. Feeling a little run down and eager to enjoy the beautiful day, we collectively decided to spend the afternoon on a hike through the Mission Mountains.

After looking up to them in curiosity from the foothills for the past two weeks, it was wonderful to finally have the chance to wander up the mountain side and explore the creeks and waterfalls hidden by the trees. Our group hike lasted the afternoon and by the end I felt a bit more refreshed and clear-headed, if not a little sore.

The remainder of the day (and night) was spent working on the small list of assignments due this coming weekend. All and all, it was a lovely day!

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