Wednesday, June 11 2014 – Team SPAW

Day 3: An early start for Team SPAW! At 8am, we met with Pat Hurley, professor of botany at SKC and resident plant guru. Pat gave an overview of plant sampling methods- random, systematic, and stratified – and then led us outside to evaluate a square meter plot. She helped the team identify plants such as reed canarygrass, canada thistle, and tumble mustard. Afterwards, she helped the team select the sampling methods that are best suited to our goals relating to plant identification. We broke for lunch and returned at noon to meet with Shandin, to continue discussing the project objectives. Once that was mostly settled, we headed to the computer lab to do a literature search on methodologies that we’ll be implementing. The rest of the day/night was dedicated to the piles of reading that we’ve accumulated these last few days.



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