An ‘Up-North’ Tradition

An 'Up-North' Tradition

Lunch at Toby’s in Hinckley–first day of the REU 2014.

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About Diana Dalbotten

Diana Dalbotten is the Director of Diversity and Broader Impacts for the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics and the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota; and for the Geoscience Alliance, a national alliance for broadening participation of Native Americans in the Geosciences.

2 thoughts on “An ‘Up-North’ Tradition

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    Last night while sitting at my third campfire for my summer break I thought about the first fire with people who loved to laugh and share stories of paranormal, and the second fire being with my boyfriend and his mother’s family. I grew tremendously homesick. I’m not sure if it was the diverse intellectual minds I spent all day with our that I never been around so much trees. This summer research experience is already enriching my life. I’m not in the picture but here are some of the people I get to work and learn with all summer.

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