Daily Log: Thursday 6/20/13

To start the day the group created presentations to show the Bahamas interns during our meeting later in the day at Fond Du Lac Resource Management. Afterwards we received the results on the mystery box assignment given to us on Wednesday. After group discussion of the boxes Christa revealed what truly was in each box. We also learned the purpose of this activity to show the importance of making observations of things scientists are unable to directly observe, like the Earth’s crust. After the results of both the marble and regular mystery box challenges we moved into a pop-up discussion on our learning logs and chapters 3-4 in Paul Glaser’s paper. During which we each presented on each of the required topics: What did you learn? What did you find interesting? What questions do I have about what I learned? What was the point of these chapters? What connections can be made to previous chapters?

After the group discussion we adjourned for lunch until 12:30PM at which time we had another all-team meeting with the interns from Salish Kootenai College in Montana. The meeting was supposed to be comprised of the groups giving a progress report from this first week, but after our group presented the power went out at SKC and we were unable to continue the meeting. Afterwards we had a break until the Bahamas interns arrived at which point both groups relocated to Fond Du Lac Resource Management, which consisted of a tour of the facility led by none other than Tom Howes and a presentation of the projects so far to the students in the Bahamas and of a presentation of the methods and results used by the Bahamas groups. Once concluded the groups traveled to University Of Minnesota Duluth to check into our dorms for the weekend and concluded the night with dinner at Fitgers Brew House.

Wayne GreenskyImage

Wayne is upset because his prediction was incorrect about what was in one of the Mystery Boxes.

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About Diana Dalbotten

Diana Dalbotten is the Director of Diversity and Broader Impacts for the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics and the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota; and for the Geoscience Alliance, a national alliance for broadening participation of Native Americans in the Geosciences.

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